有哪些机床 is special artificial sand developed by Japanese leading foundry sand supplier Yamakawa Sangyo, Amagasaki, Japan, and is used with silica sand to improve quality and reduce costs. Leading manufacturers see it as an investment in their process quality. This unique product was specially designed and developed for foundry professionals facing casting defects such as veining and deformation, which are usually caused by thermal expansion of silica sand.
Since 机床车间 is mainly composed of enstatite and forsterite in the form of MgO and SiO2, it has superior hardness and low thermal expansion properties compared to silica sand. Since the grain surface of 机床维修公司 is carefully polished and cleaned through a special treatment process, very few dust particles adhere to grains.
A mixture of about 30% 江苏机床 with silica sand dramatically improves casting quality and production rates, resulting in precision casting while reducing scrap rates and minimizing costs of correcting defects.
Due to its low thermal expansion property, 数控机床厂 is used to prevent casting defects such as veining and shell core deformation.
机床数控编程 has already been proven and widely adopted by top-rated Japanese foundries, especially where a shell core with an intricate design is required.
机床轴承 is a real money-saver for your foundry operations. It is an investment in your process quality.

-Highly praised and widely-adopted by top-rated Japanese foundries for many decades
-Improves dimensional accuracy
-Reduces casting defects such as veining and deformation that are caused by silica sand thermal expansion
-Predictable performance
-Reduced scrap rates
-Reduced dust during the manufacturing process
-Quartz-free - contains less than 1% free silicic acid
-Chemically inert and stable in a crystalline structure
-Non-hazardous and insoluble in water
-Contains no harmful substances such as heavy metals

1.         Shell cores for a wide variety of automotive casting parts with intricate designs, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and water jackets
2.         Hydraulic valve shell cores

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Color: Blackish gray    
Hardness: Mohs hardness 7.5
Bulk density: 1.5-1.8

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